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    Stellar work there evneoyer. I’ll keep on reading.

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  3. I SAW IT LAST NIGHT AND WAS VERY IMPRESSED..I THOUGHT THE CAST GAVE A VERY GOOD CHARACTER PROTRAIL. Pleasantly surprised.I saw it on kookíca and it was not what I expected at all. Twisted but Good.

  4. Fiquei a saber que nao sou adepta da Académica só porque tenho outro clube (neste caso o Benfica) –'Por amor de Deus as pessoas que têm outro clube sao tao adeptas da Briosa como o senhor.Eu sou adepta da Academica com muito amor e orgulho mas tambem sou Benfiquista.Agora dizer isso é de lamentar vindo da sua parte.

  5. Så sant så sant!!Det där tåget det går banne mig fortare än x 2000.Och ibland gäller det att vara snabb om man ska hinna hoppa av.Men nu är det snart helg igen och till och med jag är ledig =)Bara en sån sak.Kram Thess

  6. I really wish Blizzard would wait 2 weeks until they open MoP raids too. The last 2 xpacs I've had to rush through content as fast as possible so I could be ready to raid. It's a huge design flaw.

  7. Merci pour ces bons commentaires, c’est apprécié Je suis ouvert aux suggestions et propositions, comme des sujets qui pourraient être abordés.J’aimerais bien aussi éventuellement que le site devienne un lieu d’échange et de discussion.

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    · Pour traduire un thème, il suffit d’installer le logiciel Poedit. Pour le Twenty Elevent, la traduction est déjà fait il me semble si ton WordPress est en français.